A family company with history


How it started

Our founder, L. van der Spruijt, registered the business of the same name with the Chamber of Commerce on 8th February 1965. On 9th February, the first invoice was written out for bike specialist Staals in Utrecht, kicking the whole thing off. Back then, the business supplied all products direct to retailers. The range was mainly comprised of moped parts such as gears, pistons, buddy seats and extra high handle bars. The latter ensured that there was a demand for extra-long cables. As well as this, there was a growing demand for bike cables and a demand for cables from the industry. This was anticipated by Lourens van der Spruijt and the demand for cables grew and grew. Around 1977 it was decided that cables would be the main focus for both the bike industry as well as other industries. In order to create a good market position, the Elvedes brand name was registered. The Elvedes brand was (and is still) used to supply direct to retailers. In the following years, the Elvedes brand became a concept in Benelux and in 2002 the baton was passed to the two sons, Carl and Peter, who continued to expand and grow the Elvedes brand. Now, 50 years after its foundation, we can say that Elvedes has grown to become a magnificent family company with a growing market position across all of Europe.

Reliability & Quality

Elvedes strives to listen as much as possible to the demand from the market and to translate this into high quality goods and innovative products. The two brothers, Carl and Peter, are closely involved on a daily basis with all facets within the company: Carl primarily with the technical aspects and Peter mainly with commercial matters. As well as this, Elvedes works with a permanent team of enthusiastic staff at our offices and in the factory that, on a daily basis, make their contribution to the company. Appreciation for our reliability and quality is illustrated by the long partnerships we have with our customers, some of which go back 45 years!

New build

In December 2015, Elvedes moved to a new location in Nieuwkuijk. Elvedes’ expansion in recent years meant we needed more room for our offices, factory and warehouse. We opted for a new build and in 2014 we bought a piece of land. On 2nd March 2015 the first brick was laid by Lourens van der Spruijt, the company founder. On 5th November 2015 the new building was ready and in December we started work there. The building is made from prefab concrete with a modern façade at the front. The routing and layout of the entire building is set out to enable more efficient working. We opted for lots of natural light throughout the entire building, to optimise working conditions. With this great step behind us, Elvedes is ready to continue to grow in the coming years and expand its market position in Europe.