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Stories from the field

Elvedes thinks in solutions. Every problem is a challenge and every challenge is a learning process. Elvedes isn’t only interested in teaching you about the countless products dreamt up by innovative entrepreneurs, the solution they provide can also be used in all kinds of challenging ways. This is how Elvedes learns from its partners, and how it has grown. This includes all kinds of solutions that have resulted in smart and innovative products due to their creativity and great partnerships.

Weedlover Products

‘The genius is in the head.’ Weedlover Products came up with a mower head that can be easily fitted with various mower cables for all kinds of uses. Where most jobs use synthetic or nylon mower cables, the heavy jobs require a different solution. For mowing thick vegetation, a short brainstorming period and some testing resulted in a new steel cable. The cable is 4 mm thick and has a special round tip that fits exactly into the existing mower head. The steel cable is coated with plastic, making it durable and ensuring that it lasts longer.

The Jekill & Hyde Company

‘Our cables have to work well in extremely high temperatures.’ The Jekill & Hyde Company manufactures exhaust systems with electronically controlled dampers. To control the dampers, a servomotor is used, which is directly linked to the dampers by way of control cables. These cables have to be flexible and offer limited resistance, which is why a thin 49 thread control inner cable was selected, also called slick. This supple cable has an extra smooth surface, making it easier for it to move through the outer cable. The outer cable, specially developed for the Jekill & Hyde Company, has a PTFE lining that is extremely smooth, but which can also deal with temperatures up to hundreds of degrees Celsius. The high quality stainless steel spiral from the outer cable is coated in heat resistant rubber than forms extra protective layer around the whole thing. Because the exhaust systems are closed and compact, these are custom made in our own factory to ensure the perfect, fitted easy-mount product. Safeguarding quality and speed in this way, we can easily anticipate growth and change within the market.

ETAP Lighting

‘The Elvedes name hangs around.’ Apart from the slim and elegant personal appeal of suspended cables, the most important thing is that the lights continue to hang well. Quality and sustainability are at the heart of this. Fall security is also very important for reflectors that, for example, are included in fittings in sport halls that are at risk of falling. Elvedes supplies the right products that can be made in large or small formats in-house, entirely in line with what the customer needs.


‘Our trauma beds need to have accurate cable systems that we can rely upon.’ Trauma beds are, simply put, height adjustable using a foot pump. To lower the bed, we use a cable system where the head end and foot end can be adjusted independently of each other. The design of the U-shape bed, where the chassis is shaped like a U, makes it possible to adjust it from the head and foot end as well as from the side. To create a direct a careful cable connection across this relative large distance between the depression pedals and pistons, we use a linear cable with plaited exterior covers, so that this doesn’t feel spongy and can handle significant pressure. The pressure of the depression pedal is on the cable mounting tip. To ensure that this doesn’t become overloaded, there is a custom compression spring on the outer cable that absorbs excess force. This ensures significant durability and reliability. To finish it all, all cable has adjustable bolts for easy assembly. These cables were not only developed in our own factory, but are also custom made there, making it possible to produce small ranges of these with short delivery times.