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For more than 50 years, Elvedes has focused on the bike aftermarket, quite rightly calling itself a ‘specialist’ when it comes to cables, brake pads and hydraulic components. A complete package of products in recognisable, fresh packaging is kept constantly up to date, so that the customer can be sure they are getting the newest, handsomest and best products available at the time. As well as a complete line of volume packaging for the workplace, there is also a comprehensive line of shop packaging available. Because Elvedes is a stock-holding company with its own production line, our delivery time are short. Elvedes is ‘your global partner for premium quality’

New products

Elvedes workshop displays

An organised workplace starts with the Elvedes display concept. By developing smart metal displays, all of Elvedes workplace packaging is always within arm’s reach. Whether it cables, brake pads or parts, there is a handy display available for every product group, delivered FREE with a full display. Our display concept has become established in recent years across Europe, and during this time more than 2,000 dealers across Europe have opted for this unique concept.

Packaged inner cables, outer cables, cable sets and tools

Smart packaging works more efficiently! Elvedes has a complete range of packaged cables in both workplace packaging as well as consumer packaging. By constantly following market developments, we are able to anticipate innovation, making sure that the Elvedes range is always up-to-date. As well as this, for decades Elvedes has been supplying the correct cables and associated cable parts following the launch of braking or gear systems. To be able to attach these cables properly, there are a number of handy tools available that make it that much easier. As well as finding a good product, we also think the packaging is important. Over the years, Elvedes has focused a great deal on its packaging, which ultimately resulted in smart packaging with the right personal appeal.


As well as wide range, Elvedes has an expensive variety of parts. For example, aluminium outer cable covers are available in various colours. Whether you need parts for cables, hydraulics or brake pads, Elvedes constantly monitors developments in the market and the demand that arises from this. We are able to anticipate this and keep our range up-to-date. If you are looking for a specific part that can’t be found in our collection, please feel free to get in touch.

Rim brake pads, disc brake pads, brake discs, adapters and brake cleaner

Brakes for all occasions! Elvedes has a wide range of brake pads for both rim brake as well as disc brake systems. All compounds for Elvedes brake pads are not only extensively tested in the factory, but also by our test riders. And we continue our development, based on feedback from our test riders and others. The same applies to Elvedes brake discs, which are available in various types and colours. The extensive package of brake pads and brake discs is accompanied by a complete package of centre lock and calliper adapters. To complete the package, a brake cleaner has been added to the range.

Hydro brake hose, parts, tools and oils

Hydraulic brake hoses in 6 colours! Colours play an important role in the personal appeal of most bikes. It’s the small details that make big difference. As well as colourful brake hoses, Elvedes supplies coloured derailleur cable sets to create great colour combinations. With a complete line of parts, Elvedes can mount the brake hose to any hydraulic brake system. Our brake hoses and components distinguish themselves from the original brands by the use of high quality materials. The brake hose is reinforced by the Kevlar and all components are made from stainless steel. To finish the story, Elvedes also supplies the necessary tools, such as a hose scissors, a press and a complete bleed kit for DOT and mineral oil, suitable for all brands. Elvedes mineral and DOT oils can be used to refill the system.