The ideal workplace

The ideal workplace

As a partner of bike manufacturers, Elvedes is always looking for smart solutions that make it easier to work with our products. By developing hanging storage systems and coming up with user friendly packaging, working in the bike workplace becomes even easier and more fun.

The unique Elvedes display concept

An organised workplace starts with the Elvedes display concept. By developing smart metal displays, all of Elvedes workplace packaging is always within arm’s reach. Whether it’s cables, brake pads or parts, there is a handy display available for every product group, delivered FREE with a full display. Our display concept has become established in recent years across Europe, and during this time more than 2,000 dealers across Europe have opted for this unique concept.

Innovations through Elvedes

Cable Pricker

The cable pricker is just one of Elvedes’ handy inventions. After cutting the outer cable, you can use the Elvedes cable pricker to close and re-open this in a professional way. This means that the cable casing can be easily mounted to the outer cable and the inner cable required little effort to reach the outer cable. This cable pricker is suitable for outer cables of both 4.9 mm and 4.1 mm.


We know how important it is to listen to the people who work with our brand. During expos, we are frequently asked if we can come up with something to make sure that the outer cable doesn’t spring back into the workplace box after being cut. After a few brainstorming sessions, the idea of the Grip-Clip was born. Our draftsman came up with a great blueprint and from this we were able to order 3D prints. The idea worked! After putting it into production using a mould, the first Grip-Clips went into production just 4 weeks later. In the meantime, all of the boxes had this innovative little bit of packing added, making working with Elvedes cables even easier.

Patented clamp bolt for Shimano® roller brakes

To be of service to the aftermarket, Elvedes developed a cable clamp bolt suitable for the new generation of Shimano® roller brakes. The cable clamp bolt offered by Elvedes is suitable for both the front as well as the back brake, which was not the case with the original clamp bolt. It also doesn’t require the purchase of any kind of special tools to assemble the clamp bolt at the right position, making assembly much faster. Finally, every clamp bolt comes with a synthetic safety cap, making sure that the clamp bolt is safeguarded and can never fall out of the system. This product has since become a vital element in many bike workplaces, as well as being in much more frequent use in OEM. Elvedes has applied for and received a patent for this innovative little item.

White Compound rim brake pads

To meet the demand for brake pads with high braking power, which don’t squeak and don’t release black dust when braking, Elvedes and its supplier went looking for a new brake compound. After lots of tests, it was White Compound that came out of the testing really well. This compound scored well when it came to high speeds and is really well suited to a wide target group, such as E-bikers, ATBs and racers. The right composition of compound means the pads don’t squeak and don’t release black dust on to bikes and/or clothing. White Compound has since become more commonplace in shops and workplaces and is being received in the market as an innovative substance.

Cable Tube

A smart design is the foundation of getting the most functionality from a product. That applies to the Elvedes Cable Tube that, with its spear point-design, reduces the contact surface areas between cable and frame to an absolute minimum. The Cable Tube protects the ball head from damage from cables and brake hoses.