Custom work for bike manufacturers


Custom Made

Once of Elvedes strong points is its flexibility in the large and small numbers of quantities of custom cables made to fit the needs of our partners. Elvedes has all the semi-manufactured goods (often from Asia), machines and people in needs in-house to independently produce brake and gear cables to any desired specification. This means a ‘just in time delivery’ at a competitive price. As well as producing and supplying end products, we can also play an important role in the development phase of a new model of bike. Think of the resistance seal of a gear cable or the braking power of a brake cable. As well as this, we are also able to give the right advice for existing problems with certain models. Elvedes came up with a great solution for the mechanical brake system for most carrier bikes in the Netherlands and delivered this to assist braking in these heavy and long vehicles. Elvedes doesn’t just follow the latest developments, it also develops new products itself. Recently, Elvedes was granted a patent for developing an innovative clamp bolt, suitable for the latest generation of Shimano® Roller Brakes. We’d be happy to provide you with custom advice/ products.

Volume packaging

As well as packaged products for the aftermarket, Elvedes also supplies to bike manufacturers across Europe. We are happy to supply the right advice when it comes to inner cables, outer cables or accessories. The options are wide ranging and vary from a standard solution to a custom solution. Elvedes loves helping you make the right choices. Various types, sizes and colours of outer cables are in stock on 5000 m rolls and can be cut to the right length in our own factory. We can even emboss the outer cable with an item number and/or provide cable end covers. Inner cables are also in stock in various types, qualities and lengths and can be supplied individually or pre-fab. As well as a range of cables and parts, we also supply brake pads, rotors and hydraulic hoses (extra-long) with associated components. Elvedes is not just your partner when it comes to bike shops, but also on the factory floor.