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Elvedes supports international manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers with products of the highest quality. Elvedes is active in both the cycling industry as well as other industries. As a stock-holding company of semi-manufactured goods with a production facility, Elvedes is your flexible partner for just-in-time deliveries.


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With a lot of passion and drive, Elvedes offers a complete package of cables, brake pads, brake discs and hydraulic houses with associated components. Our products are used in the aftermarket as well OEM. In the aftermarket, Elvedes distinguishes itself via its ‘display concept’, creating what might be the ideal workplace through cables and brake pads. By keeping the needs of the end user at the heart of things, the correct products are sourced or self-developed and produced. Because we are a strong stock-holding company, we are able to guarantee shorter delivery times throughout all of Europe for both aftermarket and OEM products.

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Since 1965, Elvedes has been producing mechanical control cables used by the industry. By working with the client in the development phase, the correct decisions can be made when it comes to, for example, dimensions and material specifications. We also offer innovative solutions for existing products. Knowledge, experience, stock (semi-manufactured goods) and our own manufacturing facility: Elvedes is your partner for customer work on both a large and small scale, including guaranteed delivery times. Interested in custom work? Then contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

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Elvedes is a family company where, since 2002, twin brother Carl and Peter van der Spruijt have been running the show with a clear division of responsibilities. Peter mainly works on the commercial issues that play out within and outside of the company. Carl’s technical background means he mainly works on technical issues, such as innovation and quality. Since it foundation in 1965, the company has continued to constantly develop. By only using the best suppliers and ambitious staff, Elvedes has been able to carve out a top position within the market. Over the past 12 years, Elvedes has focused progressively more on the European market, in addition to the Benelux region. Being a stock-holding company with our own production department, we are able to guarantee short delivery times across all of Europe. Since 2016 we have worked from our new location where we have 2,600 m2 of space, including offices.

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